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About By Millin

By Millin offers personalized pearl jewelry to adorn your daily routine as well as your most meaningful moments in life. Every pearl is engraved & finished in Switzerland, all the materials are consciously selected and each piece is carefully handcrafted in the Zurich studio. By Millin offers jewelry for everyone with an appreciation for slow jewelry, an understated sense of style and a love for symbolism and storytelling.


About Nadja

Hi, my name is Nadja Juri, I live in Zurich and I started By Millin after working as a fashion designer in Milan and Paris. I love jewelry that holds a story of connection, symbols of thought beyond the gift and I enjoy working with gorgeous, sparkling materials. Maybe due to my Scandinavian roots I am drawn to clean, minimal, elegant aesthetics, and I try to incorporate a similar sense of beauty into my jewelry, to create timeless, high-quality pieces to be cherished for years to come.


About how it all began

The day my second son was born, was one of the most memorable moments of my life. While in the hospital, the nurse attached a beaded plastic name bracelet to his wrist, and he wore it for about a month. This bracelet became a tangible symbol of those special first weeks we spent together and when he overgrew it and I had to cut it off, I thought about creating a similar, a more durable keepsake.

I didn’t like the usual plastic letter beads and I started to look for letter beads made of real pearls - after all peals have been a symbol of love for centuries. I did some research, realized this kind of engraved letter pearls did not exist and decided to create them myself. As a new mom, it was hard to find the time, but the inspiration never left me. I found a way to engrave freshwater pearls, color them and slowly started creating the collection that would become By Millin today.


About the materials & sustainability

  • Longevity is key to sustainability and in the spirit of “buy less, buy better” I consciously chose high quality materials to create my collection
  • All the pieces are designed & handmade in my Zurich studio to guarantee exquisite, durable jewelry.
  • I only use recycled gold or COC-certified gold for By Millin jewelry
  • Also, all of our gold chains are COC-certified. This certification is given by the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) and demonstrates rigorous assurance for responsible, conflict‐free supply chains for gold metals
  • All natural materials, like pearls, are responsibly sourced, therefore I work only with trusted suppliers
  • By Millin jewelry cases are made of FSC certified cardboard and are produced in Europe



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