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Initial Bracelet Lucky Charm

Initial Bracelet Lucky Charm

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This dainty bracelet is the perfect token of affection to gift to yourself or a loved one. The central pearl can be engraved, so choose a letter that represents your own initials, that of a child or significant other. The solid 9 karat chain is especially shiny and made from sustainably and fairly produced gold. Elegant, sentimental and fun, this dainty bracelet is sure to become your new favorite piece to wear day in and out. Available in yellow or white gold.


  • Gold bracelet with freshwater pearls in various sizes
  • Personalized button-shape pearl at the center 
  • Solid 9k gold chain (approx. 1.4mm wide). Sustainably and fairly produced in compliance with human rights, social responsibility, and ecological standards
  • available in yellow or white gold
  • Handmade in Switzerland
    • Available in: XS= 15cm (extends to 17cm), S= 17cm (extends to 19cm), M= 19cm (extends to 21cm), L= 21cm (extends to 23cm)


      • Store safely and take off before swimming or taking a shower. Keep away from chemicals, acids, cosmetics etc. For more information: Jewelry Care
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