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Initial Bracelet Wave

Initial Bracelet Wave

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Shimmering freshwater pearls arranged by size, the lustrous pearl in the middle can be engraved. Choose this unique piece as a beautiful gift for yourself or customize a pair for an elegant take on the classic BFF-style bracelet.


  • Bracelet made of freshwater pearls  (Ø approx. 2mm-8mm)
  • The lustrous pearls shimmer in various shades of white 
  • The pearl in the middle can be personalized with a gold colored engraving
  • 9-karat gold clasp
  • Handmade in Switzerland
    • Available in: XS= 15cm, S= 17cm, M= 19cm, L= 21cm


      • Store safely and take off before swimming or taking a shower. Keep away from chemicals, acids, cosmetics etc. For more information: Jewelry Care

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