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Initial Bracelet Pearls

Initial Bracelet Pearls

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This initial bracelet is the perfect token of affection to gift to a loved one. Handmade from tiny freshwater pearls, it has an engraved pearl charm, choose a letter that represents your own initials or that of a child or significant other. 


  • Bracelet made of tiny freshwater pearls  (Ø approx. 2mm)
  • Personalized button-shape freshwater pearl with gold colored engraving
  • 9-karat gold clasp
  • Handmade in Switzerland
    • Available in: XS= 15cm, S= 17cm, M= 19cm, L= 21cm
    • Remember, pearls are sensitive in nature, so make sure to treat them with love. Please also check for our care instructions for pearl jewelry
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